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Performing Arts

  • 2023

    Europe Tour with Anjali Dance Company

    Invited by UNESCO’s International Dance Council (CID) to perform at The World Festival of Indian Dance, where dancers from dozens of countries performed at one of the most illustrious venues, the Dora Stratou Dance Theater, (under the Acropolis, Athens) to a packed audience.

    Also invited by the Counsel Generals of India in Hamburg, Berlin and Amsterdam to perform in their respective cities to showcase this beautiful artform to the local audiences and give them an opportunity to experience the rich cultural heritage of India through art and dance.

  • 2022

    Choreographer for Houston Grand Opera

    Invited by Houston Grand Opera to assistant direct and choreograph for the fusion opera production "Monkey, Francine, and the City of Tigers.

    Fusing stories and music from India, China, and West Africa, this original children’s opera tells the story of Monkey and his brainy sister Francine. The opera combines musical styles from Bollywood, to Latin, to Jazz, and features relatable, contemporary language and characters. The opera was performed in front of over 20,000 students in Texas during 2022 and 2023.

  • 2018

    Title Character "Chitra"

    Northwest Children's Theater production of "Chitra: The Girl Prince" - 30+ shows.

  • 2015

    Principal Character "Rann"

    Northwest Children's Theater production of "Jungle Book" - 30+ shows.

  • 2014

    Principal Character "Janaki Dev Balan"

    Anjali School of Dance production of "Murder on the Ganges"

  • 2014

    Principal Character "Mermaid"

    Northwest Children's Theater production of "Peter Pan" - 30+ shows.

  • 2013

    "Citizen of Who" and Ensemble

    Northwest Children's Theater production of "Seussical" - 35+ shows

  • 2012 & 2013

    Principal Character "Puck"

    Bollywood Musical production of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" - Portland & Seattle

  • 2012

    Principal Character "Queen of Hearts"

    Stoller Theatre Arts production of "Alice in Wonderland Jr." - 5 shows

  • 2011


    Christian Community Theatre production of "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" - 8 shows.

  • 2011

    Principal Character "Sophie Greedly" (British Accent)

    Stoller Theatre Arts production of "Murder By Indecision"

  • 2011

    Stoller Theatre Arts production of "Murder By Indecision"

    Oregon Children's Theatre production of "On the Eve of Friday Morning" - 30+ shows

  • 2011

    Principal Character "JoJo"

    Stoller Theatre Arts production of "Broadway Musical - Seussical Jr." - 4 shows/p>

  • 2009

    Solo 2 hour Indian Classical dance graduation performance

    Performing Arts Center, PCC Sylvania Campus. Featuring a rendition of "The Wizard of Oz" set to dance

  • 2009

    Print Ad Modeling

    For Intel Classmate PC - Photographer: Steve Bloch

My Resume

About Me

I am currently founding a medical device startup developing wireless, AI-enabled patient monitoring devices for both remote and in-hospital settings, starting with the neonatal ICU for preterm babies. I completed my Ph.D. in 2022 in Electrical Engineering & Computer science at University of California: Berkeley in Professor Jan Rabaey's research group after receiving my B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Arizona State University in 2018.

My research explored integrated circuits for in-sensor processing, learning and recognition of physiological signals, states and processes. I focused on designing hardware for machine learning specifically for biosignals, enabling multi-layer feedback systems with complex intelligence, shown with a multi-modal neural prosthetic. I led an interdisciplinary team with over 11 undergraduate/masters students to delve into various projects under this topic, resulting in 7 first-author publications. For my work, I was awarded the NSF Fellowship, UC Berkeley Fellowship, UC Berkeley Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award (first awardee from the college of engineering), IEEE BioX Data Science and Engineering in Medicine and Biology Fellowship, and Rising Star in EECS.

Outside of research, I was a hardware engineer intern with CTRL-Labs in 2018 (acquired by Meta in 2019) and with Apple in 2021 where I worked on an energy-efficient machine learning architecture for a novel sensor application. My current work on a medical device startup, Aurelia Vitals, aims to bring innovations in wireless biosensors and biosignal analytics to real-time patient monitoring. This work is being done in collaboration with the Texas Medical Center and Rice University, with support from NSF and the Southwest Pediatric Device Consortium.

My other interests include the performing arts - specifically the intersection of Indian Classical Dance with modern stories and with Western theater. I also enjoy climbing, yoga, swimming, tennis and kickboxing.

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